IT Zone (Virtual Zone) Georgia

Virtual Zone (IT Zone) is a special tax regime, that gives advantageous tax rates for IT-related business. For IT companies like IT consulting, software development companies or crypto businesses to get a status of the Virtual Zone (IT Zone) company in the Republic of Georgia is the best choice for a business set-up.

The Republic of Georgia gives this opportunity for IT-related business to attract specialists in technologies, start-up entrepreneurs, international companies to the country and to guarantee more jobs for Georgian developers, designers, support specialists.

When your company has the Virtual Zone (IT Zone) status the rate of VAT is 0%, the rate of CIT (Corporate Income Tax) is 0%. At the same time, the withholding tax on distributed dividends is only 5%. There is the most attractive tax regime all over the world for IT-related business.

This opportunity is suiting perfectly for international business as according to the requirements to use the advantages of the Virtual Zone (IT Zone) status business operations of a company shall be abroad the Republic of Georgia, meaning the business has international clients. So, income from abroad is not taxable with Corporate Income Tax and VAT.

In the Republic of Georgia, you can enjoy a quick incorporation procedure, low share capital, low level of bureaucracy and you can incorporate while visiting Tbilisi, Georgia or completely remotely. 

Who can apply for the IT Zone (Virtual Zone) status?


To obtain the status of IT Zone (Virtual Zone) company the main activity of a business should be software development, IT consulting and other IT-related services. 

IT Zone Company is an opportunity for IT-related business and freelancers to use the tax advantages given by the Georgian government.

It is preferable if the company is based in the Republic of Georgia. You also need a legal address, office space and local employees. 

Important: The Virtual Zone company is not eligible to do business within Georgia (no local customers).

IT Zone (Virtual Zone) in Georgia advantages:


✅ Company set up or purchase of a Shelf company (pre-registered company without activity) within 1 business day.

✅ No annual license fee for the Virtual Zone status for a company payable.

✅ 0% Corporate Income Tax. 0% VAT
Important: The Virtual Zone company is not eligible to do business within Georgia (no local customers).

✅ High skilled IT staff for reasonable wages.

✅ Virtual Zone license will be obtained within 10 working days only.

 Shelf companies available which already have obtained the Virtual Zone status.

✅ No requirements to appoint a local director.

✅ The company can be fully managed remotely.

✅ 100% foreign ownership possible, no restrictions.

✅ Direct flight connections from the main European and Middle Eastern airports to Kutaisi and Tbilisi.

✅ No legal requirements to employ staff in Georgia.

✅ Only 5% of withholding tax on distributed dividends (with exemptions depending on the Double Tax Treaty).

CMC offers a special package for a Virtual Zone (IT Zone) company incorporation. 


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