The Republic of Georgia License for E-Money Providers, Electronic Money Processors & Cryptocurrency E-Money Issuers

International Financial license in Georgia

The Republic of Georgia offers an International Financial Company License for entities planning to offer financial services. The issuing authority for the financial license comes from the Central Bank of Georgia and the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Georgia.


Companies benefit from the strong banking and financial sector which supports the industry with liberal policies and a business-friendly regulatory framework.

E-money license in Republic of Georgia  

The outstanding e-money payment provider permissions issued by the National Bank of Georgia. This license is ideal for any kind of electronic payment processes and electronic money issuing. 

While many jurisdictions tighten their rules before issuing an e-money payment provider license, Georgia did the opposite and attracts nowadays more e-money provider than any other country in the world.

A top-infrastructure with excellent banks and direct access to the IBAN / SWIFT payment network allows maximum flexibility by receiving and sending electronic money.
Additionally, Georgia's biggest plus is a high level of privacy and data protection. Not just to the owner of a payment providing company - also to their clients. 
A Georgia e-money license is able to take deposits of clients funds (electronically) and to wire, forward or send them to other customers.  

Permitted activities


✅ take clients deposits

✅ install and open client accounts

✅ issue own prepaid cards (co-branding)

✅ transfer clients money from the client to client

✅ electronic payment processing
✅ escrow services (on request)

✅ issue electronic money

What can a Financial Company be used for?

A Georgia Financial License allows you to offer many services such as:

  • Offshore Asset Management 
  • Brokerage and FX trading
  • Cryptocurrency crowdfunding possibilities
  • E-money and Credit Card processing
  • Portfolio management services
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange and trading
  • Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)
  • International Investment advice
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